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BT280 direct air blowing bottle blowing machine
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     兌口吹瓶機 【BT280型日化洗滌包裝專用】樣品

       This model is applied to PP, PE raw material plastic products. used for fruit bottle, pesticide bottle, medicion bottles, veterinqary medicine bottle, cosmeticsbottle, oil barrel atc hollow plastic products, (Production specifications 50-6000 ml of plastic products control ). The machine adopts jie brand deceleration machine, variable frequency speed regulation, japan omron close to switch.
Technical parameters:

1Product volume(L)1L-5L
2Products number of every mold1 個(兩模)
3Clamping times60-300 次 /hr
4Min mold thickness120mm
5Max distance of mold wall380mm
6Clamping force50kn
7Diameter of screwΦ6538CrMoALA
8Screw (L/D)ratio25/1
9Plasticizing capacity60kg
10Main motor power7.5kw變頻
11Heating power15kw
12Blowing way上吹氣兌口
13Operating systemPLC歐姆龍
15Mold platen size(LxW)470×360mm
16Dimension (LxWxH)3500×1850×2050mm
17Working pressure0.4-0.7Mpa
18Air consume0.5m3/min
19Cutting way熱切料
20Power supply380V(三相四線制)


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